# Terms of Ecobus

Ecobus are Ecopark's buses. Passengers of Ecobus are the residents, visitors, and staff of Ecopark.

  1. By using Ecobus, passengers are kindly requested to present their resident card or demonstrate that they are either visitors or staff of Ecopark.

  2. Ecobus only pick-up/drop-off at designated points and bus stations.

  3. Please kindly give up seats for pregnant, disabled, children and elderly.

  4. No food or beverages allowed on Ecobus. Let's keep Ecobus clean together.

  5. Passengers in poor health condition and children under 6 are required to go with a guardian.

  6. Be quiet.

  7. Please brings no pet or bulky luggage on to Ecobus.

  8. Passengers take the sole responsibility for their belongings.

  9. For a safe trip, please kindly follow instructions from the bus driver/manager.

  10. Ecobus is always listening via the hotline: 024 6266 4545

Thank you!